"I really enjoy training with Arlène. The exercises are varied and tailor-made. Arlène drags me through (for me) difficult exercises, and on top of that we laugh a lot. The training sessions make me feel fitter and my core is much stronger. My long-lasting injury to my knee has passed. I can only recommend the training sessions with Arlene!"

Litska (NL)

2022-2023 The Hague, NL

"I started working with Arlène because I needed a new approach to my training and nutrition even though I have been active for most of my life. Arlène creates tailor-made work out programmes for me taking into account my physical abilities as well as my fitness and health goals. Her work outs are diverse, challenging and fun. Since we started working together, I have noticed I have been getting stronger and fitter again. The nutrition advice she gave me was eye-opening. Although I eat quite healthy, there were still a few tweaks I could incorporate to my diet to help me further along. 

As I live in London, the coaching is done remotely most of the time. However, it never feels that Arlène is far away. She regularly checks in, sends me voice messages with encouragement and we have regular remote feedback sessions. I find that Arlène is a pleasant and good listener and she is dedicated in helping me reach my health goals. When needed, she changes the work out programmes to keep me challenged and focused." 

Stana (NL)

2021 - 2022 London, UK

“I am not a very open person to join a bigger group to tackle my personal needs in weight and health. Also, I am not a fan of ‘personal trainers’ who are employed by big gym names or health centres as their motivation level is different – meeting their marketing targets vs. going on a journey with you.

I always say I am ‘lucky’ to have met Arlène as her motivation is to work alongside with you based on your needs and your ‘potential’ pace (rather than what you think your pace is), so be prepared to be pushed but in a very positive way that you are sweetly surprised that you have that potential.

Having a personal trainer is personal and Arlène brings that to you.”

Ayisha (MY)

2020 - 2021 Doha, Qatar

"I miss Arlène so much! She was my fitness and swimming coach while living in Doha (Qatar).

Arlène prepared the most efficient workout plan to meet my personal goals. She always motivated me to achieve more endurance, strength, and technic. She is a caring, supportive, and lovely person.”

Rachel (BR)

2020 – 2021 Doha, Qatar

"In 2021 I had swimming training from Arlène. It was a lot of fun and I learned a lot from it. 

Arlène is a very pleasant, knowledgeable coach. She looks closely at what you can already do and gives clear tips for improvement.

There is a lot of variation in the training and Arlène challenges you to go just that little bit further.

She taught me a lot in a short time and it was also a lot of fun! Arlène is always positive and I can definitely recommend her as a coach!"

Katelijne (NL)

2021 Doha, Qatar